SpecMan4EPR CS ver. 2.5

  • Third edition of the SpecMan4EPR hardware engine
  • Acquisition engine with multiple sequences on-hardware averaging
  • Arbitrary waveform generation engine
  • Real time FFT and baseline correction in the Scope
  • Server and clients interact over TCPIP. Check the experiment from your office or home
  • Multiple experiments can be executed sequentially (job queue)
  • View port can visualize all acquired data traces simultaneously
  • RAW data format for preserving of all acquired data (including scans and phase cycles)

SpecMan4EPR Im! ver. 2.5

  • Gygabyte-size data sets
  • Immediate data transfer to processing server for run time image reconstruction
  • Data transfer to MATLAB™

Products and Services

SpecMan4EPR CS, software only, one license, one year of support* $8,000
SpecMan4EPR CS, software only, 2-5 licenses, one year of support* $16,000
SpecMan4EPR Im!, software only, one license, one year of support* $10,000
One year extension of the software support (single license)* $500
Addition of a high complexity device driver (digitizer, pulse generator, AWG) $1,600
Addition of typical device driver (field controller, RF source) $800
* Support includes free downloads of new versions of the software and phone or email consulting.  
DISCLAIMER: The prices are listed for your reference only. Please request a quotation for the final price.