Important! Please read the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.

If you use results obtained with the help of SpecMan4EPR, please cite this publication:
Epel, B.; Gromov, I.; Stoll, S.; Schweiger, A.; Goldfarb, D. Spectrometer manager: A versatile control software for pulse EPR spectrometers. Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part B-Magnetic Resonance Engineering 2005, 26B, 36-45.

Imaging Edition
SpecMan4EPR Imaging Edition includes all functions of Client-Server Network edition. Real time data transfer to processing server is implemented. Version 2.2. [download]
Client-Server Edition
Client-Server edition of SpecMan4EPR features a remote control of experiment and numerous additional options. Version 1.5.70. [download]
Software manual SpecMan4EPR ver. 2.2 help in Microsoft Compiled HTML Help format. The up-to-date help is available online in the 'Manual' section of this site. [download]
Data viewer
For comfortable work with acquired data we recommend to use powerful KAZAN data viewer for MATLAB™ environment, which integrates data browsing and processing. [download]
TDMS loader for MATLAB
MATLAB-SpecMan4EPR interface routines. [download]

Installation instructions

1. Unpack the archive so that SpecManExe directory is in the root of drive C
(See SpecMan4EPR help for intstructions how to configure the program to run from a different directory)
2. Run SpecMan.exe
3. Select Load last configuration in the dialog
4. Call template dialog by clicking on File/New experiment menu. Select HYSCORE template in the ESEEM folder, press Ok.
5. Press Run button (large button with green triangle).
6. To stop experiment press Run button again.
7. For help press Help/Help menu.

To order the full version of SpecMan4EPR please contact Femi Instruments.